IT SMART covers a wide range of services including Technical Support, Software Sales and Support, Training, Hardware Supply, Business Analysis, Server and Network Solutions and Pro-active Maintenance. We have access to all the leading brands of technology products and will help ensure your business gets real value for money while not compromising on quality.


Technical Support


IT SMART provides you with technical support and hardware supply for Server, PC and Network technologies. We have the ability to troubleshoot and fix your hardware and software remotely or onsite depending on the nature of the enquiry.

Software Sales and Support


IT SMART provides software sales and support services for the Synergy Stock Management and POS software. We service the Auckland area.


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IT SMART offers Business and System Analysis services with focus on offering advice to improve internal business processes by maximising the use of systems currently in place.

Software Training


To ensure your business makes the best most effiecient use of the software in place, IT SMART offers you a Software Training Service to train and upskill your staff in the use of the tools that drive your business daily.


Total IT Solutions


From concept to implementation, IT SMART tailors your IT Solution. We can implement your new system or offer advice on improving systems already put in place.

This will include:

  • Review and Analysis of systems currently in place.

  • Mapping the business needs in terms of current and future hardware and software requirements.

  • Proposing new IT infrastructure solution with a forward thinking to include a 3 year IT plan.

  • On acceptance formulate and execute a Project plan to implement the proposed solution.

  • Solution Implementation.

  • Post Implementation review including post implementation management meetings. 

Proactive Maintenance


IT SMART offers a proactive maintenance service for your server, PC and network.

Proactive maintenance for servers and network which includes:

  • Initial audit and bringing up to date the servers and network infrastructure currently in place and

  • ongoing monthly health checks.

Pro-active maintenance for PCs which will include:

  • An Initial audit and bringing up to date the PC hardware and software currently in place and ongoing maintenance.